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For the past three decades, no maritime or shanty festival in the U.K. or Europe has been complete without the appearance of Pete 'Shanty Jack' Hayselden. A Yorkshireman by birth, he has been working for nearly 30 years in tugs on the Humber. He used to be a keen yachtsman, but nowadays he has no time for that as music has taken over. Nevertheless, it is his intention to get his own boat finished so that he can spend retirement sailing from festival to festival to visit all the multitude of friends on the 'shanty scene'...Well he can dream!

As well as appearing at various festivals throughout U.K. and Europe, Jack has been responsible for establishing the Hull Sea Fever Festival and regarded by many as the premier U.K. festival.

As well as appearing as a solo artist, Jack has joined with local friends, Paul Gough and Robin Garside to form the trio, Monkey's Orphan.' In the Royal Navy in the 19th century, monkey's orphan was the name of the ship's fiddler, who performed the same function in the Navy as the shantyman in merchant ships.

Some Special Forthcoming Appearances

As well as regular appearances at U.K. folk clubs, Shanty Jack (sometimes with 'Monkey's Orphan') can be seen at the forthcoming festivals in 2002:

7th-9th June - Yarmouth (Isle of Wight), Old Gaffers Festival. (With Monkey's Orphan)

14th-15th June - Enkhuizen (Netherlands), VOC Celebrations.

15th - 16th June - Liverpool (UK), Mersey Shanty Festival. (With Monkey's Orphan)

21st June - Southwold, Suffolk (U.K.), Sole Bay Gaffers race.

22nd-23rd June - Beverley (U.K.), Beverley Peoples Folk Festival.

7th July - Withernsea, E. Yorks (U.K.), Sea Day.

18th July - Bridlington (U.K.), Yorkshire Belle.

2nd-4th August Karlskrona (Sweden), Shanty Festival (With Monkey's Orphan)

10th/11th August - Swansea (U.K.), Mumbles Festival.

24th August - Monmouth (U.K.)

30th August-1st September Hull (U.K.), 'Sea Fever' Festival.

7th-8th September - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (UK), Maritime Festival.

15th-17th November - Medemblik (Netherlands), Shanty Festival.


Shanty Jack is available for booking and can be contacted at:

"The Lodge,"

5, Crowtree Lane,


Lincs, LN11 9LL

United Kingdom.

Tel. & Fax. No. +44 (0) 150 735 4110

Email: shantyjack@anchorage.f9.co.uk


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Any queries, or information, please email: Shanty Jack

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